"Your Satisfaction, Our Pride".
We are committed to manufacture high quality
product and provide excellent service.
We pride ourselves on obtaining customer
In Nippo Tech, Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility

We are committed to continuously improving our products, services
to meet and exceed our customers' requirements.

Rather than sending our high-performance blades for grinding and sharpening, we invested in the most reliable sharpening technology. We set our standard for sharp cuts at a very high level.

We take great pride in each of our project, all our completed project are the footprints of our work and became the references to our quality, therefore we take quality at such a superior level.

The determination of all employees are vital to our continued success with the support of our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders with whom we work daily.

We value knowledge and we commit to it. Nippotech regularly send the supervisor and project leaders to Japan and German to an technology and educational session. The backbone of our company, the Nippotech people management system, provides the structure to manage all of our services, with a strong focus on Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security, with the overall aim to provide the optimal degree of service and to exceed our client’s expectations at all times.

We consistently implementing our Green Policy and embedding risk management processes in our people.


PT Nippo Tech Sejahtera is a company that produces various wood products, the company establish a quality and environmental management system, all of its operations implements and meets the quality policy and environment, as well as the commitment to improve sustainability. Quality and environmental policies must be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels organization.

PT Nippo Tech Sejahtera realizes that in the implementation of the production process and all supporting activities will have an impact on the environment.

Therefore we are determined to:

  1. Improve product quality to achieve customer satisfaction
  2. Increase productivity to reduce inappropriate products and reduce material loss
  3. Comply with environmental and quality regulations / requirements and customer requirements
  4. Conduct prevention, control and monitoring of environmental pollution
  5. Make continuous improvements to the management system and the quality and environmental performance
  6. Make sustainable use of resources
  7. Mitigating and adapting to climate change to existing environmental aspects, as well as protecting biodiversity and ecosystems from company activities. By obeying all regulations related to the environment.